Selenium Course Content (Basic + Advanced with Java/C#) 

Selenium Course Duration : 40 Hours

Selenium Course Fees : INR 15,000 Only (No Additional/Hidden cost*)

(USD 250 for Overseas Professionals)

*Additional Content : For Selenium with C#, Cucumber and/or Appium fees will be charged as per requirement. 

These contents are not mentioned in public domain due to potential risk of imitiation by organizations delivering inferior quality of training.

** Free Demo of 1 Hour (Registration fees will be refunded if not satisfied for online payers)

Java & Introduction

  1. Selenium Overview

  2. Installing Java and Eclipse

  3. First Eclipse Project and Platform independence

  4. First Java program 

  5. Concept of class file

  6. Platform independence

  7. Datatypes in Java

  8. String class

  9. If statements

Loops, Arrays, Functions

  1. Conditional and concatination operators

  2.  For Loops

  3. Practical Examples with loops

  4. Usage of loops in Selenium

  5. Single Dimensional Arrays

  6. Drawbacks of arrays

  7. What are Functions?

  8. Function Input Parameters

  9. Function Return Types


  1. Local and Global Variables

  2. Static and Non-Static Variables

  3. Static and Non-Static Functions

  4. Creating Objects in Java

  5. Meaning of static

  6. Why is main method static?

  7. Constructors

  8. Concept of Inheritance 

  9. Interface and Abstract Class

  10. Overloadings and Overriding Funtions


Collection API

  1. Introduction to Collections API

  2. ArrayList Class

  3. HashTable Class

  4. Using ArrayList and HashTable of Collection API in Selenium framework


String, File Handling, Log4j/Handling XLS Files

  1. String class and functions

  2. Reading/Writing Text Files

  3. Reading Properties File in Java

  4. Concept of jar file

  5. POI API in java

  6. Reading/Writing Microsoft XLS Files


  1. What is Maven

  2. Creating Maven Project

  3. Understanding POM.XML

  4. Run test with Maven

  5. What is continuous integration

  6. Downloading and Installing Jenkins

  7. Executing Selenium Project builds with ANT

  8. Install Ant

  9. Run Script using build.xml

  10. Installing TestNg in Eclipse

  11. TestNg annotations

  12. Understanding usage of annotations

  13. Running a Test in TestNg

  14. Batch 

  15. Running of tests in TestNg

  16. Skipping Tests

  17. parameterizing Tests - DataProvider

  18. Assertions Errors

  19. Configure Extent Report

  20. Generate Report

Selenium - Webdriver

Module 1

  1. Why WebDriver-3?

  2. Downloading WebDriver-3 Jars and configuring in eclipse

  3. Architecture of selenium webdriver 3

  4. Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome

  5. Geckodriver for Firefox in Selenium 3

  6. First Selenium Code

  7. Working with chrome and IE

  8. Why we need firefox Profile

  9. Close and Quit -Difference

Module 2

  1. Firepath and firebug Add-ons installation in Mozilla

  2. Inspecting elements in Mozilla

  3. HTML language tags and attributes

  4. Various locator strategies

  5. WebDriver Interface

  6. WebElement Interface

  7. Identifying WebElements using id, name, class 

  8. Finding Xpaths to identify

  9. Absolute and complete Xpaths

Module 3

  1. Managing Input fields, Buttons and creating custom xpaths

  2. Managing/Identifying Links with xpaths

  3. Extracting More than one object from a page

  4. Extracting all links of a page/Bulk extraction of objects

  5. Handling drop down list

  6. Select Class in Selenium API

  7. Managing radio buttons and Checkboxes

  8. isDisplayed function

Module 4

  1. Implicit and Explicit waits

  2. PageLoadTimeout Property

  3. WebDriverWait Class

  4. WebDriver.Timeout Interface

  5. WaitUntil Condition

  6. Fluent Wait

  7. Concepts of Set Interface in Java

  8. Window Handles

  9. Managing popups 

  10. Closing windows

  11. Default Popups

Module 5

  1. Mouse movement with Selenium - Actions class

  2. Extracting Data From WebTable

  3. Dynamic WebTable Handling

  4. Attaching files with Selenium

  5. Handling Frames in Web Page

  6. Handling Frames inside Frames

  7. Drag and Drop

  8. Managing Javascript alerts

Module 6

  1. Listeners- Using WebDriverEventListener

  2. Practical usage of Listeners in Selenium

  3. Moving a mouse on a Object and right clicking on it

  4. Finding Coordinates of a Web Object

  5. Actions class in Webdriver

  6. JavaScriptExecutor example



  1. What is Hybrid Framework

  2. Generating maven Project and packages

  3. Generic and application dependent Keywords

  4. Building test suites and generating test cases

  5. Make testng.xml for batch running

  6. Build validation and Generic functions

  7. Soft assertions and extent reports

  8. Take Screenshot for Pass and Fail Steps

  9. Generate Reports and Logging in reports

  10. Initiate the properties file

  11. Run project with ANT/Maven/Eclipse

  12. Implement GRID - Parallel and reports/logs/screenshots

  13. Integrating framework with jenkins

  14. Scheduling Execution

Selenium Expert Level Training offered @ Varshney Infotech India


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Why Should you enrol for Selenium Training offered at Varshney Infotech?

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure.
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  • Highly qualified and skilled trainers (Subject Matter Experts).
  • Trainers with more than 6 years of work experience in top MNCs with certified skills .
  • Use of Audio and Visual aids e.g. LCD Projectors, Microphone, Whiteboards, Video trainings, Multi-session Video and Audio Conferencing etc.
  • Hands-On training for students.
  • Additional Time for Practicals
  • More pragmatic and lesser theoretical sessions.
  • Live Environment for real time project based lab.
  • Free counseling of students.
  • Interview Preparation.
  • Soft-skills guidelines.
  • One FREE Demo for Selenium classes.
  • Weekend Classes for working professionals.
  • Online Training for remote professionals
  • Classroom Training for face-to-face trainings.
  • 24 Hours Free nterview Suooport for students.

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Selenium Webdriver Free Online Training Videos - By Varshney Infotech Pvt Ltd

 Introduction to Selenium


Selenium is a Automation Testing tool which is used for automating web browsers. What you do with that power is entirely up to you. Primarily it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that. Boring web-based administration tasks can (and should!) also be automated as well.

Selenium has the support of some of the largest browser vendors who have taken (or are taking) steps to make Selenium a native part of their browser. It is also the core technology in countless other browser automation tools, APIs and frameworks.


Varshney Infotech provide Selenium training in Nerul, Navi Mumbai and Chandigarh (Haryana/Punjab). We also provide Selenium corporate trainings to fresher’s and experienced employees in corporates.


We have a panel of Subject Matter Experts who understands your course requirements, guide you and train you. Varshney Infotech is the only training company in Mumbai with highly paid competent trainers with more than 6 years of work experience and 2 years of training experience in India.

The objective of Selenium training is to make a testing professional aware of automation testing concept with Selenium tool, provide an environment to perform live application practicals and hands on. The course has been designed to deliver the comprehensive training to individuals for understanding and executing the project's Functional/regression automation testing Requirements with committment to after training support.



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