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We are Varshney Infotech - "vi", a software company in Mumbai that is dedicated to helping you and your company gain success in your business ventures. We offer a range of different services from design to consulting and training. If it has to do with business and making your business more profit, then we can help you with that.

The company started back in the early 2012 and has been quite successful thus far with no reason to see it stopping any time soon. Our team of highly skilled professionals can help every facet of your business, from the daily grinding to the overall scope of yourbusiness plan. There really is just not a lot about business that we do not know about.

If there is some work that needs to be done to take your company to the next level, you better believe that "vi" will come up with the solution to take you to that next step. Our motto has been and always will be, " together vi deliver, together vi train!"

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Thane : +91 9999 601 703 

Seawoods : +91 998 77 53 474

Pune :+91 816 922 8 9 10

All India : +91 86 93 000 122

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Landline : 022 3223 8383

Customer Care : 786 100 8383


“I have known Varshney Infotech for some time now and can testify to its dedication, integrity and ethics. There is no doubt that Varshney Infotech would be an asset to any IT organization that is looking to outperform others in their field. Varshney Infotech's trainer's ability to openly listen, strengthens its strategic out of the box thinking and problem solving abilities; while their honest yet professional means of communication allow them to work well with others. Varshney Infotech can truly be counted on professionally and personally.
All the best to fantastic team of Varshney Infotech.
SKY is the limit."

-Sudhanshu Sharma 

Technical Test Lead

Infosys Limited, Mysore